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International Assignments and Transfers


We’re looking forward to welcome you to Lidl Czech Republic!

As our business continues to grow around the world, it is important that we understand the other countries where Lidl operates and grow together as one big team. To achieve this, we need to collaborate, share experience and work together. Your assignment is a key part of achieving such goals.

Here you’ll find all the information you need before joining us at Lidl CZ, so you can run at full speed from day one. This includes everything you can expect from your first day with us, what your training will look like and an insight into other aspects of work in Lidl CZ.

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Prague‘s HQ is located in two offices close to each other:

Located at Nárožní 11/1389, Prague 5, 158 00
City West
Located at Siemensova 2717/4, Prague 5, 155 00

Reception phone number
Reception Nárožní: + 420 257 086 112, + 420 257 086 113
Reception City West: +420 257 086 114


Mapa CR - LC

Lidl in the Czech Republic

- Headquarter located in Prague

- More than 300 stores

- More than 12 000 employees

- 5 warehouses

- Lidl E-commerce in Pilsen