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Volná místa Přihlášení Uloženo

Before you start

Zaměstnankyně Lidlu si kontroluje profil uchazeče

Briefing call with home country

Your home Global Mobility team will have already had a briefing call with you to to discuss your assignment and what to expect.

Centrála_online meeting

Briefing call with host country

Your host country Global Mobility team will contact you in order to discuss any topics regarding local HR/payroll policies and processes.

Fotobanka - telefonát

Before your move

You will receive support from our external service providers during this period. This includes: Relocation support services, Tax support, Health and medical insurance, and if applicable, language support. Please expect an email or call from the above providers.

Trainees_sk na žluté

Arrival in the Czech Republic

Welcome to the Czech Republic! You are now set for your first day. We are excited to welcome you to the team.